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Theodore Samuel Williams 
The Kid, The Thumper, The Splendid Splinter, or
Teddy Ballgame

August 30, 1918-July 5, 2002

  To me Ted Williams was one of the greatest player in baseball. Even thou I wasn't really a Boston Red Sox's fan, only because of the Yankees. You can't live in New York and not be a Yankee fan. I always wished Ted played for the Yankees, now that would have been sweet. I did watch a lot of the Red Sox games and like I said Ted was great.

  I'm sickened now with what John Henry is doing to his father, just to make money. It's a crying shame that he is putting the family thru this. I cannot believe he is doing this, and who would even buy Teds DNA? I for one would not.

  Wake up John and let your father rest in peace!

Ted Williams

This is what the Williams family is going thur
Thanks to John Henry

NVERNESS, Fla. - The oldest daughter of Ted Williams is demanding proof that the baseball legend wanted to be frozen after his death.

A lawyer for Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell, who is feuding with her siblings over their father's remains, has filed a motion to compel the other parties to submit any documents that show Williams changed his mind about being cremated, which he requested in his will.

''Show me or tell me,'' Richard Fitzpatrick, Ferrell's lawyer, told the St. Petersburg Times for a story published yesterday.

''I want to see what kind of paper trail there is out there.''

Williams's two children from another marriage, John-Henry Williams and Claudia Williams, and the estate's executor, Al Cassidy, have 30 days to respond.

The motion, filed Thursday, also asks for any letters or contracts between them and Alcor Life Extension Foundation, where Williams's body was sent hours after his death July 5.

Ferrell, 54, is seeking to retrieve her father's body from the Arizona lab, cremate it, and sprinkle his ashes off the coast of the Florida Keys, as Williams's will dictates.

But Cassidy and the two other children said the Red Sox legend had a change of heart after the will was drafted in December 1996 and wanted to be cyronically preserved.

In court papers filed last week, John-Henry and Claudia Williams argued they were the sole owners of their father's body, and that not even the executor of the estate could challenge their authority.

Through their lawyer, the siblings said that their father's will was not the final authority on his last wishes.

''The last will of Theodore S. Williams does not control the disposition of his body,'' their motion said.

Fitzpatrick responded Friday, arguing that Florida courts had ruled that it is the executor of an estate - not the children - who has ultimate responsibility for carrying out a person's last wishes as outlined in a will.

Neither attorneys for John-Henry and Claudia Williams, nor the lawyer for Cassidy, returned telephone messages seeking comment yesterday.

This Is Not Right John Henry

Visit Bobby-Jo's site and help make her father's last wish come true

I'm Here For You Jo