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Each week I'll post a new driver and you send in what you think of that driver...

May 19th Driver of the Week

Steve Parks

Sponsor: Pennzoil
Owner: Teresa Earnhardt
Crew Chief: Paul Andrews
Car: Chevrolet  

  I think Steve is a pretty good driver and he does have a good team behind him, but then the accident in September put him on the sidelines. Steve suffered head injuries in that crash that put him out of the No. 1 car for the rest of the season. I personal think Steve returned to racing to soon, he should have taken more time to heel. But he is doing ok so far....Maddogg


I like Steve Park, and I really think he is getting the shaft from Ty Norris. The stress he must drive under each week, not knowing if he will be in the car the following week, must be tremendous! And for Ty to say Dale would have acted in this manner is just bogus! It makes me mad! I think Steve has performed admirably since coming back to racing, and needs to be given the opportunity to prove himself, not be expected to win right out of the gate. If he had the full support of his team behind him, without all this uncertainty, I am sure he would be more focused and perform much better.All of this hanging over his head must be very distracting and nerve-wracking...RocketRacin'


Driver of the Week

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