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Mark Martin Will Win the 2002 Season


For years I have cheered for the Earnhardts. I have also betted against Mark Martin almost every races.

So for the rest of this year I'm shifting gears and cheer for Mark to win.

This is Mark's year to win, and he deserves it.

So to all my Earnhardt friends don't get mad at me, Im doing it for Mark, He need's this.

Go Mark Martin

As of July 4th Mark is 62 points behind in second place.
Now he is only 55 points behind.
Come on Mark move your ass.
Mark is now in 3rd 109 points behind.
Jack needs to spend more money on Mark's cars
Ok Mark that's better now only 53 points behind...go kick ass at Brooklyn...
Well now at Brooklyn Mark finished 5th, but Marlin was right behind him. I think it was bullshit that Jeff Burton didn't let Mark by him knowing that he was about to blow up, he could have taken Mark out with him. Not a very good team mate pulling shit like that. He could have let Mark by him to get the extra points that maybe needed at the end. Come on Jack wake up and tell your guys to do the right thing. Now only 43 points behind
Go Mark this maybe your last chance.
I got a little worried there Mark when you dropped to 3rd place, but now your back in 2nd and only 9 points away from taking the lead. So come on Mark kick some ass.


Way to go Mark....Number One in the points.
 Now Marlin is 9 points behind you, lets keep him there.
I bet you can almost taste the VICTORY..
Still leading the points with 25 ahead.Keep it up man.
What the hell happened?, I missed a few weeks and you drop to 3rd in the points. I think Jack better start using better equipment. Come on MARK YOU CAN DO IT....
You gave it a great try Mark, don't let it get you down.
lost by 38 points and the 25 point the assholes at Nascar didn't help.
You Can Do It In 2003
You Are The Man

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