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To All:

I volunteered to draft a letter, for later in the week, but I was just itching to get it done. It will appear in the second message of this thread. Therefore:


The letter I am about to post is designed to be MASS emailed (or mailed) to sponsors, teams, drivers, media, message boards and fans --or in short, everyone you can think of!!!

Distribute this message EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! FREQUENTLY!!!!!!! Send it! Post it! Mail it!

A couple of points:
--Knowing about all the wild and crazy opinions on this board, it was impossible for me to write a letter we all agree with 100%. If there is something in it you don't like, edit it, sign it, and then send it on its way.

--I'll provide a list of links to get us started. Add to this link list!!! I think it would be great for this letter to be received by NASCAR AND FRIENDS 1,000 times.

If you all generally like this, perhaps the moderators of this and the other NASCAR forums could designate some space, or a page, where this document and links could be easily accessed and stored. I have a feeling we'll be fighting this battle a good long while.




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October 28, 2002

An Open Letter to All Members of the NASCAR Racing Family

An Urgent Statement Concerning NASCARs Contract with TNT

From NASCARs Devoted and Loyal Fans

We, the loyal and devoted fans of NASCAR, are shocked, disappointed and dismayed at recent reports that beginning next year, TNT plans to limit the availability of NASCAR racing to the viewing public through its "TNT-Plus" service. We view this development as a profound step backward in what otherwise has been over fifty years of progress, growth and pride in Americas greatest sport.

As NASCAR fans, we have politely endured skyrocketing satellite and cable TV bills, $25 hats, $35 t-shirts, and ticket prices that at some tracks that have eclipsed $100. We understand that racing is inherently an expensive sport, and appreciate the financial involvement of the sports major sponsors funding our teams so that we may continue to enjoy our passion for the sport of auto racing.

Yet we recognize that the millions at stake in this sport are OUR MILLIONS millions we have paid to television, sponsors, tracks, manufacturers, and merchandise vendors. We hereby exert our right to decide how our collective millions will be spent.

We, NASCARs Fans, hereby CONDEMN this planned strategy and DEMAND a public statement from NASCAR and TNT declaring an immediate end to this detrimental and dangerous course of action. We further issue a call to all:

NASCAR Sponsors: We are loyal and supportive of your products and services more loyal than fans of any other sport in the world. Assist us in lobbying both NASCAR and TNT for this eventuality and so we can continue to enthusiastically endorse your brands.

NASCAR Manufacturers: We acknowledge and appreciate the millions you invest in research and development to keep our sport safe and fun. We drive your cars and passionately support American-made products with all our hearts. You need to join us to prevent this looming and very real disaster.

NASCAR Drivers: You are our heroes and are idolized by our children. We wear and defend your names with great pride. The media all over this country seeks your opinions daily. We need you to individually declare your support for this cause on our behalf.

NASCAR fans are passionate and relentless. Fueled by the love of our sport, let it be known that we will not rest nor be distracted from our goal until we successfully achieve our objective. We are NASCAR.

Written & Signed by NASCAR fan:
Steven R.