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Picture #4


Hey we got time for a quickie if nobody is coming.....Maddogg


Jimmy: Giggling " Ya think Helton knows it's us?"

Jeff: Panting "I sure hope not. If he finds out we put that sardine under his car seat last week, we are dead meat!"

Jimmy: "Well, I hoped that Target hat would help to keep him off our backs!"....Heather



1. Are you sure peep shows are supposed to look like this?

2. I think we lost him.

3. Dang, do ya think that's Brook's lawyer?

4. Aw man, little E's gonna be pissed when he finds out we stole his little red cans.

5. Yo! Dude! We locked ourselves in here. Could ya help us out?
Valiant Dancer


Jeff: "You keep your eyes peeled for somebody coming in here, I'll go over there and get the team set up book from Harvick's desk. I just gotta get a win this season, and it's my only hope!"--- Rocketracin---Jo


Hey Jeff! It's almost time for the race!

Who cares? Look at these two go at it!----Paul


Rain Rain go away..come back some other day. Jeffy and me want to play----Maddogg


Holly shit Jimmy, can you imagine a guy with an ass like Britney's ?--- adobedude


Jeff, your Voyeurism is distracting you, thats why you can't win!!--- Paul,,again

Fun Shit