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This site is dedicated to Dale Earnhardt.

A man who wasn't afraid to drive a Pink car.

Thank You Dale, for all the great enjoyment you gave us.

Think Pink
Dale's Pink Racer

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Dale Jr Wins Daytona 500


"Wholly Shit I won"
The old boy still got it

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Welcome 2 My Site

I started Nascar K-2 for all race fans.

On my site you can play games, laugh at some jokes, view some great photos and hear from other fans of Nascar.


Feel free to visit each page and enjoy yourself.

Send me your comments on anything you feel needs to be said.

Send me your photo and who you are, and you can join the others on my 15 Laps of Fame page.

Send me your race photos, and I'll add them to my Fan's Fhotos.

Stop by my Interactive page and play a game or take part of a poll.

Got a good Joke? Then send it to me and I'll post it on my Nascar is a Joke page.

This site is for You, so sit back grab a beer and enjoy!!


Frank "Maddogg" Mochrie

Clean Cut Dale

Find a Joke:

Visit the All New Nascar K-2 Joke Page


Name is Frank also known as Maddogg

I have been a race fans for many years, and have seen many changes in Nascar. Some good some not. With the loss of the greatest driver Dale Earnhardt, Nascar will never be the same.

Some of you remember my other site Maddoggs Na$car.

I lost control and hit the wall in turn 2 and could not afford to repair. So I took a DNF and started up this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had building it.

I did not start this site to bash Nascar, but some of the bullshit they do needs to be pointed out. Look for weekly updates on my Bone Head Award page, to see who screwed up.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I need your help to make this site fun, so send me your stuff..


Joe's One and Only Fan

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