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Who will get the Bone Head Award next?
                       I'll pick one from each race for what they screw-up

Bone made by Cas'

My first Bonehead Award for 2002 Goes to....


TNT Network

I feel the TNT network deserves the BoneHead Award for airing 40 plus commercials during a 70-lap race. I would like to see more racing then commercials.
So here you are TNT you are the proud owners of the BoneHead Award.


Tony Stewert

Tony gets my Bonehead Award for the blocking he pulled on Jeremy Mayfield on the last lap of the Twin 125's. I know that blocking the other driver is all part of racing, and it would be boring if they didn't block. But I feel Tony went beyond blocking, it could have turned out as a deadly crash, that's why I feel it was a BoneHead move by Tony. I would think that Nascar would agree with me on this one.


Stering Marlin

I'm giving two awards from the 2002 Daytona 500.
Stering gets one for jumping out of his car during a red flag stop and working on his car. Not a smart move
NBC gets the other one for using the lame ass bubble pointer that shows were a driver is on the track, and it blocks all the other cars from view. As race fans we don't need the dam bubbles to show us where they are.


Darrell Waltrip

   Larry Mac...

   I give this award to DW and Larry for their lame assed announcing of the race, Why do we have to sit here and listen to them two spout off about how much they think they know about racing. DW remarked that the yellow flag being thrown had "No Affect" on the outcome of the race. Come on Darrell, how could you say such a dumb ass remark like that? There were 6 laps to go and quite a few cars that could have won. But DW said it didn't matter because Matt was so fast no one could pass him, and Larry agreed with the whole remark. I think they were watching a different race then what we all saw, But then again what could we aspect from Fox.



Nascar gets my Bonehead Award this week for calling Jimmy Spencer, chief Doug Randolph and team owner Chip Ganassi to the NASCAR trailer after the race.Why? They were called to the trailer after the incident on pit row with Bobby Labonte. The way I saw it was Jimmy was just pulling from his pit spot when Bobby was turning into his and got hit by Jimmy and spun around. So why was Jimmy and the team called to the trailer. I don't think it was Jimmy's fault, and there should not have been any call made on it. I still haven't heard what Nascar did or said, but I think it's bullshit. Jimmy was pulling out and Bobby was coming in Shit Happens. So Nascar gets my award for being unfair again.


The Gordon's


No not Jeff and Brooke. This week I give Jeff Gordon and Robby Gordon the BoneHead Award

Jeff gets one for the way he started the Food City 500 at Bristol. Jeff has pulled this slow start before and someday it will cause a crash were someone will be killed, then maybe Nascar will do something about the way some drivers start or restart a race. Yes I know what you all will say, the pole sitter can start the race anyway they want to, a fast start or a slow start. But Jeff seems to do this all the time, and nothing is done about it. Just a few weeks ago we saw what happens when he pulls that shit, he was bumped by Marlin and it backed-up the whole field. I know Rusty Wallace has complained about the way he starts before. Nascar needs to make a rule that the driver must start the race without making the rest back off to avoid hitting the car in front of them. It's a dirty way to start, just get out there and start the races no playing games. I know that Jeff is not the only one to do this, I've seen others do it, but Jeff doe's it a lot more then most.


Now for Robby Gordon, he gets the BoneHead for being a Bonehead. There is no reason for him to take his car onto pit row and bump into another car, causing that car to spin out. It's a bullshit and very dangerous act. There are way too many people on pit row at that time to do something so dumb. Robby got pissed at Dale Earnhardt Jr for the contact they had during the race, and when they came on pit row after the race ended, Robby rammed into Jr causing he to spin. Lucky no one was hurt from this BoneHead move.

This has been happening more then Nascar likes and they have done something about it by giving the drivers fines and probation. I just hope the drivers learn just what this act can do, if they continue.

I know the tempers flare when shit on the track happens, but take 5 and get over it or someone will pay.with their lives.