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Tony's new job at Home Depot.....Maddogg



Jeff Gordon:"I really need to get me a man size truck!"..... rocketracin



1) This ought to be enough stuff to build the crack house.

2) I Said I wanted a truck, but Noooooooooo. You said we needed something "Eco-friendly".

3) Ladies and Gentlemen, the new standard NASCAR body for Robbie Gordon.

4) If it can hold this much weight on the back, it should be able to hold Mike Helton's fat ass.

5) Ok. We park where no one sees us and build a scaffolding high enough to see the race. Got it? .....Valiant Dancer (VDANCER on NASCAR Rocks)


"SHIT,SHIT,SHIT,SHIT,SHIT,SHIT!!!!!!  Paul (rentmanager)


Tony Stewart "I promise to be good. Can I get off delivery duty and go back to racing? Kathy a.k.a. LabonteBrtohersFan


Greg Biffle Finally Gets A Better Ride. Harvick1